What are the IoT Based Devices for Kids?

What are the IoT Based Devices for Kids?

When targeted at children and their parents, wearable devices are developed and have enormous potential. However, the technology should be handled responsibly and the safety and privacy of children should be treated. As the technology, it won’t be able to replace the good parenting, but it helps the parents to improve it.

Application of IoT for Kids

1] Wearable tracker (Children Tracker for Parents)

wearable trackers

Tracking children is an important and widely used system worldwide. Every parent now wants to know where the kid is. IoT devices enable devices for child tracking and it continues to evolve. The devices are available in different shapes and sizes. Child tracking devices can be worn differently and easily. Shoelaces, belt loops, shirt tags or even buttonholes can attract it. IoT devices mainly use Bluetooth and GPS to locate children. It has the advantages of allowing children to have more freedom while watching children monitor with special needs. What a wonder helps to monitor children with behavioral problems that give peace of mind to parents.

2] Helps to Improve Cognitive Thinking

Now that we need to input cognition into IoT to develop the extended version of a human for what we need to infuse IoT with Artificial Intelligence AI helps go beyond normal machines to solve cognitive issues like cognitive AI in human intelligence, the IoT has evolved much better.

3] Self Installing Car Seats:

 For mothers self-installing car seat

The 80% of the seat purchased is incorrectly installed and fitted. The self-installing car attaches itself directly to the seat base. There is a robot in the base of the car seat so that it can install itself so that it can not be installed incorrectly. And every time it verifies the installation. It continues to check the level and connections periodically until the seat is removed.

4] Smart Button

IoT for kids

The newborn babies ‘ first few months are very difficult. Parents have to be very careful and keep checking the actions. This is a very stressful day for the parents. IoT has eliminated this stressful exercise and also your body to sleep soundly. If the baby rolls on her / his stomach then it sends to the application or IoT devices immediately afterward in real time.

5] Fever reading Wearable Thermometer

IoT for kids

The device keeps the data or temperature reading from the baby’s body on 24/7 and sends the collected data to the device – installed app. It plots the reading graph provides a clearer view of the baby’s temperature.


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