Beddr Mini Sleep Breathing Tracker

Beddr Mini Sleep Breathing Tracker

Beddr Sleep Tuner is the smallest wearable. It can reveal how your breath and position affects the quality of your sleep. It measures the duration of sleep that includes multi-night recording, time-on-side percentage, and integrated sleep journaling. If you have any heart or breathing problems then it is really proficient for you as it tracks heart rate, optimizes nighttime breathing and improves oxygenation.

The SleepTuner uses optical sensors and a 3-axis accelerometer to measure SpO2, stopped breathing events, heart rate, sleeping position, movement and awakening accurately beyond basic sleep trackers. Data is stored securely in the Beddr Cloud until Bluetooth synchronizes it with the Beddr app.

A simple test of pulse oximetry determines the saturation of oxygen in the blood. A painless and non-invasive test that measures the oxygen levels of the blood performed by the Beddr SleepTuner while you are sleeping. One interesting thing to note is that Beddr says the SleepTuner doesn’t have to be worn every night. Instead, you can wear it on a “weekly or monthly basis to change the quality of your sleep over time.”

Whether you are curious about sleep position and heart rate, or blood oxygen levels and stopped breathing events. The Beddr SleepTuner can help you measure what matters most to you with accuracy in clinical grade.

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