Xbox Live functionality is expected to be available on Android, iOS and Switch games

Xbox Live functionality is expected to be available on Android, iOS and Switch games

Microsoft is getting ready to release major software development kit (SDK) that will enable game developers to integrate Xbox Live into any PC, Xbox, iOS, Android and Nintendo switch titles. In recent years, Microsoft has pushed aggressively to expand its gaming aspirations beyond the Xbox. This push will continue in 2019, as the description of a 2019 session of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) reveals that the company is preparing to release a new software development kit that will enable developers to integrate Xbox Live into games across a variety of new platforms, including the Nintendo Switch.

The talk, scheduled on the website of GDC, reveals a great deal of information on the plans of the company.

Xbox Live is one of the world’s largest, most committed gaming communities with decades of experience providing developers with managed game services that save you time and unlock all the social and engagement features players love.

Microsoft wants to help developers introduce multi-device play support for more titles over the next few years. It including all the goodies that make Xbox Live such a popular system. That means accomplishments, lists of friends, messaging and party chatting in the near future on all headings to Android devices.

  • Xbox Live services to get cross-platform support.
  • This will be enabled through a new SDK to be announced next month.
  • The news comes through a Game Developers Conference schedule.

Combine the Xbox Live spread with Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud. It’s clear that Microsoft is setting up for gaming’s future. The Xbox One may not have been the success story of the company hoping it would be, but on the next generation of gaming, Microsoft might have the biggest head start.

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