Which database is used to store data offline?
Which database is used to store data offline?

Which database is used to store data offline?

SQLite is the only way to offline storage of app data. It is mainly used when somebody wants to develop an app to store all the data in the internal storage of mobile devices without activating the net connection.

  • It is secure as data is not accessible by the user or any other external app. 
  • SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine. 
  • The database file format is cross-platform.
  • The SQLite code base is supported by an international team of developers.
  • It has 100% branch test coverage.
  • Transactions are ACID even if interrupted by system crashes or power failures.

SQLite is an enabled library for all functionality. Depending on the target platform and compiler, the library size can be less than 600 KiB. Memory usage and speed are swapping. It works faster but depends on the size of the memory. Nevertheless, performance in low-memory environments is usually quite good. SQLite may be faster than the I / O direct file system.

SQLite tests each release very carefully and is very reliable. The source code of SQLite is for testing and verification purposes only. An automated test suite runs millions of test cases involving hundreds of millions of individual SQL statements and achieves branch test coverage of 100 percent. SQLite responds to failures in memory allocation and errors in disk I/O. The automated tests use special test harnesses to simulate system failures to verify all of this. SQLite provides lists of bugs and chronologies of code changes minute by minute.

SQLite is suggested by the developer to make good and beautiful products that are fast, reliable and easy to use, and just as you received SQLite free of charge so give free.

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